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Num Date Posted Ad Subject Location Photo
81 20-Jan-2010 Crystal Tongling Asia and Pacific - Other Yes
  Feature: High frequency, High reliability, Tri-state function;TTL, CMOS output Suitable as a standard clock for office automation equipment General Specification: Model DIP8/14 Frequency range 1~125MHz Frequency stability 20ppm~100ppm Operating temp range 0~70 Storage temp range -55~125 Output load 1~10TTL or CMOS 15~50pf Input current 10mA
82 20-Jan-2010 metallized film capacitor Tongling Asia and Pacific - Other Yes
  AC Motor Capacitors,CBB 65,CBB 61,CBB 60,Oil capacitors, aluminium can capacitors. Rated voltage(VAC): 200,250,370,400,440,450. Nominal capacitance(F): 3,4,5,7.5,10,12.5,15,17,20,22.5,25,30,35,40,45,50,55,60,70,80,100, 25+5, 30+5, 35+5, 50+5, 60+5, 70+5, 80+5,uf,MFD,microfarad.
83 18-Jan-2010 Computer Hardware & Software A-38 MEERA, chittorgarh (Rajasthan) Asia and Pacific - India ---
 We deals with computer hardware software consumables , telecommunication & electronics
84 14-Jan-2010 MDC Series Digital Camera for Microscope USB2.0 Hangzhou Asia and Pacific - Other Yes
 INTRODUCTION: MDC Series is Microscope Digital Camera with high performance CCD chip. So it is named MDC series, different from DCM Series. So please specify your correct model in your order. Its main features are MDC series product is a digital
85 14-Jan-2010 DCM Series Digital Camera for Microscope USB2.0 Hangzhou Asia and Pacific - Other Yes
 DCM is a digital camera especially designed for microscope. It works perfectly with any kind of optical microscopes, including biological microscope, metallurgical microscope and stereomicroscope. The images of the observed specimen or samples can be genuinely displayed on the computer screen.
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