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61 25-Jul-2012 On Sell: Apple Iphone 4s 32gb / Samsung Galaxy Note Unlocked / Blackberry Bold 9900 New york New York Yes
 PRODUCT CONTENT Apple iPhone 4S 32GB Unlocked Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic Dock Connector to USB Cable USB Power Adapter Documentation FEATURES 8-megapixel camera UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz) GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz) 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi (802.11n 2.4GHz only) Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology Assisted GPS Video recording, HD (1080p) Contact Dealer: Onlinebulkstore@yahoo.com Onlinebulkstore@gmail.com MSN
62 25-Jul-2012 Stack contained hot module collector (DZM) changhou Asia and Pacific - Other ---
 1、may be under pressure to run 2、occasionally vacuum tube single damage does not affect the operation of the machine 3、rigid connection, no ring, does not exist old problems of water leakage 4、 The vacuum tube water performance 5、can be connected into a large collector
63 24-Jul-2012 FLIR Scout PS32 Thermal Monocular Handheld Camera london New York Yes
 FLIR Scout PS is available in two models, PS24 and PS32. The major difference is the resolution; PS32 has a higher resolution than PS24 and can see farther and displays a clearer image. Watch the videos below to learn more about
64 23-Jul-2012 waveplate Changchun Asia and Pacific - Other Yes
 Waveplates (retardation plates or phase shifters) are made from materials which exhibit birefringence. The velocites of the extraordinary and ordinary rays through the birefringent material varies inversely with their refractive indices. Specification of our waveplate as follow: *Dimension Tolerance:+/-0.20mm to +0.01/-0.01mm *ThicknessTolerance:+/-0.20mmto
65 23-Jul-2012 All kinds of optical Filters Changchun Asia and Pacific - Other Yes
 Filters are designed by their manufacturers to transmit or absorb different wavelengths of light. And they are widely used in scientific experiments and industrial applications where that change is necessary. Color Separation Filter,Neutral Density Filter,Filter,Short/Long Wave Pass Filter,Bandpass Filter and Interference
66 23-Jul-2012 optical BK7 FS Amici prism lens Changchun Asia and Pacific - Other Yes
 Specification of our amici prism as follow: *Material BK7 or UV grade fused silica *Dimension Tolerances +/-0.1mm *Clear Aperture >80% *Surface Quality:60/40 Scratch/Dig *Surface Flatness lambda/4 at 633nm *Angle Tolerance 60 degree+/-3 minutes *Chamfer 0.3mm+/-0.1mm m *Coatings Optional
67 23-Jul-2012 optical FS sapphire window Changchun Asia and Pacific - Other Yes
 VY Optics Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd. offers all types of windows made from different materials. Special size and materials are also available upon request. In addition, we provide a variety of single layer or multiplayer anti-reflecting coating on optical windows. Specification of our
68 23-Jul-2012 optical BK7 ZF2 Achromatic lens Changchun Asia and Pacific - Other Yes
 Supply all kinds of achromatic lens as per your requested. Specification of our achromatic lens as follow: *Material:BK7 and ZF2(or according to your request) *Dia.:+0/-0.05 *Center thickness tolerance:+/-0.1 *Surface quality: 60-40 Scrath/Dig *Surface figure:0.5-0.2 *Centration < 3arc min *Chamfer:0.1-0.25*45 degrees *Design wavelength:486.1mm,587.6mm,656.3mm (the parameter is demision of nomal lens,so specification will
69 23-Jul-2012 optical plano convex concave spherical lens Changchun Asia and Pacific - Other Yes
 We supply optical spherical lenses,include plano-convex spherical lens,plano-concave spherical lens,bi-convex spherical lens,bi-concave spherical lens,meniscus spherical lens,special spherical lens etc.. Specification of our plano-convex spherical lenses as follow: *Material:BK7or other materials *Focallength:+/-1% *Centerthicknesstolerance:+/-0.01mm *Centration:1 arc minutes *SurfaceFigure:lambda/2 at 633nm on plano side *Surfacequality:40/20stratch/dig *ClearApenture>90% *Chamfer Protective:0.25mm at 45 degree typical *Coating:optional
70 23-Jul-2012 optical glass BK7 LaSFN9 Ball lens Changchun Asia and Pacific - Other Yes
 We supply optical spherical ball lens Specifications: Material: BK7, LaSFN9 glass or other optical glass Sphericity: /4 at 633nm Surface Quality: 20-10 Diameter: 1m Coating (optional): R<1.5% avg per surface, 400-700nm at 0angle of incidence
71 23-Jul-2012 optical bi convex concave cylindrical lens Changchun Asia and Pacific - Other Yes
 Plano-convex cylindrical lens,plano-concave cylindrical lens,bi-convex cylindrical lens,bi-concave cylindrical lens,meniscus cylindrical lens,long cylindrical lens,special cylindrical lens etc.. Specifiction of our cylinderical lens as follow: *Material BK7 or other optical materials *Dimension Tolerance +0.0 -- -0.1mm *Center Thickness +/-0.1mm *Focal Length Tolerance+/-1% *Surface Quality:20/10 *Surface Figure
72 23-Jul-2012 All kinds of optical lens Changchun Asia and Pacific - Other Yes
 We supply optical lens for optical instrument.Main optical lenses include optical cylindrical lens,optical spherical lens,optical aspherical lens,optical prism,optical filter lens,optical grating,optical windows,optical mirror,optical components,camera lens,fisheye lens,wide angle lens,telephoto lens,projector lens,adapter ring,adapter tube,custom lens,OEM etc.. Specification of our optical lens as follow: *Material BK7
73 21-Jul-2012 iphone 4s 64gb $400 buy 3 get 1 free melbourne Florida ---
 Blackberry Porsche - 1000USD Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 - 350USD Apple iPhone 4Gs 64GB - 400USD 3 x Apple iPhone 4s 16GB - $1000USD 5 x Apple iPhone 4s 32GB - $1800USD 10 x Apple iPhone 4s 64GB - $3200USD Apple iPad 2 WIFI 3G 64GB(White or
74 20-Jul-2012 RAMADAN OFFER: BRAND NEW Samsung Galaxy S III west Florida ---
 SAMSUNG Samsung galaxy S3(SIII) Samsung P7100 Galaxy Tab 10.1 Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II Samsung E2652W Champ Duos Samsung S5780 Wave 578 Samsung P7100 Galaxy Tab 10.1 CONTACT EMAIL FOR MORE DETAILS: E-MAIL:mpcltd01@gmail.com mpcltd01@yahoo.com mpcltd01@hotmail.com MSN .. mpcltd01@hotmail.com SKYPE ID: mpcltd01 ICQ 627194795 ::::: TEL: 447035973007
75 14-Jul-2012 WTS APPLE IPHONE 4S / SAMSUNG I9300 GALAXY S3 UNLOCKED Miami Florida Yes
 NOTE: Same Day shipping available 2Days delivery without any delay. Buy 2 get 1 free .... Buy 5 get 2 free ..... Buy 10 get 4 free ....... And if you buy in large quantity you get it for lower discount price.
76 13-Jul-2012 HORESON 50C Line RC Car lipo packs Shenzhen Asia and Pacific - Other ---
 Model No. :HR5500SP50-2S2P/CAR Typical capacity(mAh):5500 Typical Voltage(V):7.4 Dimension T(\1.5mm):25.0 W(\1,5mm):46.5 L(\5.0mm):138.0 Approx Weight (\10g):298.0 Max Discharge info Continuous Discharge Rates:50C (275A) Burst Discharge Rates:100C (550A) HORESON Packs Features: •Longer cycle Life with more power; •Better Performance with newest technology
77 13-Jul-2012 HORESON 40C Line RC Car lipo packs Shenzhen Asia and Pacific - Other Yes
 Typical capacity(mAh):6000 Typical Voltage(V):7.4 Dimension T(\1.5mm):25.0 W(\1,5mm):46.5 L(\5.0mm):138.0 Approx Weight (\10g):308.0 Max Discharge info Continuous Discharge Rates:40C (240A) Burst Discharge Rates:80C (480A) HORESON Packs Features: •Can be charged up to 10C+, recommend charging rates with 2C to 3C; •Longer cycle Life with more
78 12-Jul-2012 Join hands with Openwave iPhone Application Programmer New York New York Yes
 Openwave mobile application developers' has good programming skills in iPhone,Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile etc. Using our expertise your business can launch mobile solutions and web interfaces optimized for mobile viewing, which can help you to attract more customers..
79 11-Jul-2012 PCB&MCPCB Shenzhen Other Area ---
 BYSCO TECHNOLOGY LIMITED is a leading PCB(Printed Circuit Board) Manufacturer in Shenzhen Of China,we have two branch factories dedicated to Quick Turn PCB Prototype Manufacturing services, Small and Medium-volume and high quatity Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing services. As these, we can
80 7-Jul-2012 Expert Arc: Manufacturing & Repairing. Pune,Maharashtra,India Asia and Pacific - India ---
 Expert Arc: Manufacturing & Repairing. We are manufacturers of all types of Welding Machines,Welding Transformers,Welding Rectifiers,co2/MIG Welding Equipment, TIG Welding Equipment.Also all size of Welding Machines Will be available & Repairing. For more information contact us on +91-9762151847or mail us on expertarc401@gmail.com irp2info4046
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